The soul shaking voice of Ankit Shastri has expansive vocal range, crystal clear voice with hard work and dedication in music brought him many such opportunities where he did not stick to the melody genre of singing but also explored other styles of songs.

He deviated from his usual melodious style and modulated his voice to suit the peppy number where he proved he could sing various styles of songs which brought him a lot of appreciation.

Ankit Shastri is extremely talented and passionate about singing with Bollywood idols. He is a versatile Singer who is trained in Bollywood Music with a unique and magical voice timbre.


The exciting fusion singing by Ankit Shastri is a blend of traditional melodies of North India with contemporary jazz and Latin grooves. The hearing improvisation of sounds is a mix of guitar, flute and Indian harmonium which is rhythmically enhanced with subtle tabla beats.

It is a highly dynamic set-up which is guaranteed to bring flair and a touch of class to your occasion. The fusion music sung by Ankit Shastri shows his creativity in music and is keen to experiment and explore new horizons.

He simply builds and thrives on the deep and non-verbal reach of music which moves you powerfully by your soul. He loved being able to find that new and creative musical edge that could propel a great fusion piece.


Sufi singing can’t be performed by anyone; it needs a soulful touch and deepness in your voice. Ankit Shastri has been greatly blessed with a beautiful Sufi voice. If you wanted to enjoy the unmatchable feel of Sufi music you must listen or invite Ankit Shastri who is master in this art and make you feel the real Sufi music.

Sufi music has a deep cultural tie with Desi weddings where soulful and soothing genre has been the highlights. Ankit Shastri has paved his way to perfection over time evolving into something unique and magical.

Ankit Shastri is known to sing from his heart and soul. He believes that music is the only truth and love, peace and unity can be attained through Sufism. He notably performed mesmerising Sufi melodies for guests with his surreal voice at beautiful events.


The style and variations of Ankit Shastri in singing Ghazals has been noted as unique, as he blended Hindustani classical music with ghazals, unlike any other Ghazal singer. His songs are so soothing and having such pain that gives Ghazals a real meaning. The softness of his voice as well as the perfect singing definitely makes him the top choice for a singer.

He easily understands the mood of audience and selects his Gazals beautifully. He has a melodious voice and sings with heart and emotions instead of making singing a grammatical show. That is probably the reason why he is so much liked by the audience.

He is known for his captivating performances at celebrity weddings and sangeets.


Ankit Shastri is an eminent scholar of Vedas and Upanishads, a lifelong student of Vedic philosophy, poetry and Indian classic literature. He has vast knowledge of our scriptures and is able to deliver the message and knowledge of Vedic scriptures in a simple yet effective manner to the entire gathering.

He continued his mission under the banner of Arya Samaj, which he founded as an institution to present Vedic spiritual sciences.

He brings with him an expertise and working knowledge of Sanskrit which is one of the most scientific of classic languages. His reputation as a scholar and great orator preceded him to Arya Samaj Priest.


Ankit Shastri is a versatile singer and composer spreading the message of peace through devotional music and reaching out to the youth in far-flung areas. With diverse faiths and beliefs, he is bound by a common thread of music, which is an essential constituent of most religious practices.

Devotional music like ‘bhajans’, ‘kirtans’ & ‘jagrans’ are set to simple melodies, generally in one or more ragas by Ankit Shastri. He can make your religious events memorable.

His pure and clear voice brings everyone near to god and serves as musical meditation. It feels like heaven for your ears.