Acharya Ankit Shastri Ji

Vedic musical pheras

Adored for his charming voice, soulful songs, and amazing vocal, Ankit Shastri has unquestionably been able to spread the magic of his voice across the region.

Singer Ankit Shastri

His Work Till Date

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With a musical career spanning over a decade, Ankit Shastri has become everyone’s favourite, or best singer in the Gurugram NCR region, to choose for various events and parties. That non-stop love and compassion he has shown for the music industry

Forms of Singing

Bollywood Band

Known for his warm gestures, Ankit has been a real charm in creating a celebration atmosphere.

With his magical and soulful singing, the master of multiple genres has sung all types of Bollywood songs, ranging from patriotic songs to Qwali to devotional songs.

Besides this, he offers a diverse and truly magnificent band with spectacular performances in different styles, ranging from pop songs to Sufi Bollywood songs.


Devotional Band

Immerse yourself in divinity and spirituality with hymns and chants devoted to gods by the devotional band.

Grace yourself to God’s blessing with soul-touching bhajans.

The devotional band is solely ritualistic, which owes its origin to pure bhakti. Ankit Shastri is one of the renowned contemporary bhajan singers in Faridabad.


The style and variations of Ankit Shastri in singing Ghazals has been noted as unique, as he blended Hindustani classical music with ghazals, unlike any other Ghazal singer. His songs are so soothing and having such pain that gives Ghazals a real meaning. The softness of his voice as well as the perfect singing definitely makes him the top choice for a singer. He easily understands the mood of audience and selects his Ghazals beautifully. He has a melodious voice and sings with heart and emotions instead of making singing a grammatical show. That is probably the reason why he is so much liked by the audience. He is known for his captivating performances at celebrity weddings and sangeets.


vedic pheras

What’s more!

He has a special gift of Vedas’ and shastras’ knowledge and has given his presence as a wedding priest, especially when performing musical pheras.

There is no better way to make wedding pheras’ rituals more entertaining and appealing than turning them into musical pheras. With this unique talent, he has blessed over a thousand weddings with his presence, which proves how much he is loved by people. Put your special events and functions into the groove with Ankit Shastri’s magical voice that is sure to turn heads.

Entertainment isn’t just limited to musical pheras but also the pure, lively soul he has when performing on stage. He is one of the best live singers in Gurugram, Delhi, Faridabad (NCR) and is a master of multiple song genres such as Bollywood songs, Hindi Sufi songs, Bhakti songs, Ghazals, and many more. Taking his skills further, Ankit Shastri has been able to add wings besides singing, as he has also worked as a composer in devotional as well as Bollywood singing. So, if you’re looking to book a singer in Delhi NCR for your function, then there is no better fit than Ankit Shastri, a versatile singer who is also a priest with extensive knowledge of the Vedas and shastras as well.


Singer Ankit Shastri


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For Booking

Book the famous artist (Singer + ​Co​​mposer​ + Pe​rformer + Priest) for Prayer Meetings, Vedic Pheras, Yagya/Havan, Weddings, Pravachan, Devotional & Bollywood singing. (Devotional & Bollywood bands also available for programs.)





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