Prayer Meetings

Prayer is an important part of worship, and Hindus may either recite standard prayers, or simply express their heartfelt devotions. The pure voice of Ankit Shastri plays the rituals of biding the last goodbye to the lost one run deep in each faith.

The Prayers and the blessings of our loved ones allow us to rise above our emotions and understand the true meaning of life. Realizing that our bodies are transitory but the soul lives forever is something that enables us to heal.

Ankit Shastri makes prayers that travel to the God and then return to the earth. He makes every effort to bring peace back to the life. Prayers by Ankit Shastri Will Freshen Your Soul & Bring You To New Spiritual Heights.

Musical Pheras

Ankit Shastri is expertising in a new trend of Musical Pheras which is receiving a huge attention and making the pheras ceremony to be most interesting part of the whole wedding. Now Couples are more interested in exchange vows with solemn chant equipped with vedic mantras.

Musical Pheras Ceremony is Started many years ago and Now it is Trending Concept in Indian Royal Destination Wedding OR Big Fat Weddings Mostly in these Days.

Ankit Shastri is making this ancient ritual alive by interspersing the vedic chants, that catches the attention of guest and make this lifetime memorable for the couples!

He makes more attendants visits the phera ritual due to this innovative concept inspired by Ramayan. This highlights every moment emotion, laughter, fun and most important to explain the beautiful meaning of married life as per mantras.

Yagya/ Havan

The word Yagya is derived from the word ‘yaj’and it also encloses the welcoming of the person while performing the auspicious action. Ankit Shastri teaches a way of living in peace and a lifestyle which promotes higher human values, which is indeed the basis of a great human culture by Yagya/Havan.

He specializes in Havan/Yagya which heals the atmosphere by wiping out unhealthy bacteria. His beautiful voice in Havan purify the surroundings and creates a peaceful, pure, healthy and clean atmosphere.

He makes sure that the people (yajman) should understand the concept of Havan and mantras in the best possible manner.


Ankit Shastri is a professional wedding priest who explains all the wedding ceremonies from sanskrit to hindi and makes it really interesting. Your wedding is a special once-in-a-lifetime eventand he does his best to make it memorable not only to the couple but to the families involved.

He performs wedding ceremonies from his heart and make the couple and guests to understand the reasons for each part of the ceremony and allows everyone to be a witness to the marriage.

He is a Wedding priest who understands all the vedic shastras and make sure that everybody enjoys the wedding ceremonies while knowing all the ceremonies in depth.


Ankit Shastri is an eminent scholar of Vedas and Upanishads, a lifelong student of Vedic philosophy, poetry and Indian classic literature. He has vast knowledge of our scriptures and is able to deliver the message and knowledge of Vedic scriptures in a simple yet effective manner to the entire gathering.

He continued his mission under the banner of Arya Samaj, which he founded as an institution to present Vedic spiritual sciences.

He brings with him an expertise and working knowledge of Sanskrit which is one of the most scientific of classic languages. His reputation as a scholar and great orator preceded him to Arya Samaj Priest.

Bhajan, Kirtan, Jagran

Bhajan or any devotional piece of music sung by Ankit Shastri is to praise god and express love and devotion towards almighty.

Ankit Shastri performs in holy programme in his soul touching voice with his devotional band. Usually instruments including dholak, manjira, jhanj, daphli and chimta are played while singing Bhajans. They are also known to spread good vibes and faith in god.

He sings gentle, melodious songs which provide immense peace and happiness to every individual who listen to it. He strive to make your event as memorable and unforgettable as possible.

Bollywood Singing

Ankit Shastri has given many unforgettable moments in the concerts and events held all over India. He is the one who has mastered in all kinds of songs. All romantic songs sung by him are truely such a beautiful blend of voice, feelings and passion of love.

He can sing Bollywood, Sad, Patriotic, Romantic, soulful, ghazals, devotional, Qawwali, bhajans, semi classical and what not!!!

Since he started singing, there has been no looking back for this versatile singer. He touches Almost all genres of music!!