About Me

Ankit Shastri is a precious gem born to be a singer.

He lives music!
He breathe music!
Music is his life!

Ankit Shastri has inimitable comibination of Sangeet, Sanskar & Shastra. He has always been an outstanding student who scores distinction in his studies. He has completed his education in B.A (Shastri), M.A (Acharya in Gurukul), B.ED (Sansthan in Sourashtra University). He get his music training of Vocal Classical for 7 years from Gurujan in Gandharva Mahavidyalaya.His intense love for music was evident right from his childhood days on seeing his participation in numerous music competitions where he won several championship trophies in inter-school competitions making his parents and school proud.

He is a versatile Singer, Composer, Performer & Priest who is trained in Prayer Meetings, Vedic Pheras, Yagya/Havan, Weddings, Pravachan, Devotional & Bollywood singing with a unique and magical voice. With his clear and beautiful voice, he put emphasis to teach the meaning of mantras and every step of havan with the right pronunciation just to educate more and more people.

Ankit Shastri is well versed in his forte and has full knowledge about the activities he does. Not only this, he has complete knowledge of all the Shastras and Vedas.

The magic spread by Ankit Shastri in weddings is unbelievable. He is not only a wonderful wedding priest but a singing priest who makes the wedding rituals so entertaining and interesting.

The book written by Ankit Shastri “Magic of Indian Weddings” is holding complete information about Aryasamaj weddings.

He has been performing all over the India and captivating audience with his charming personality, ability to connect to audience instantly and above all his musical ability.

Prayer Meetings

Prayer is an important part of worship, and Hindus may either recite standard prayers, or simply express their heartfelt devotions.

Wedding Pheras

Ankit Shastri is expertising in a new trend of Vedic Pheras which is receiving a huge attention and making the pheras ceremony to be most interesting part of the whole wedding

Yagya / Havan

The word Yagya is derived from the word ‘yaj’and it also encloses the welcoming of the person while performing the auspicious action.


Ankit Shastri is a professional wedding priest who explains all the wedding ceremonies from sanskrit to hindi and makes it really interesting. Your wedding is a special once-in-a-lifetime eventand he does his best to make it memorable not only to the couple but to the families involved.


Ankit Shastri is an eminent scholar of Vedas and Upanishads, a lifelong student of Vedic philosophy, poetry and Indian classic literature.

Devotional Singing Band

Bhajan or any devotional piece of music sung by Ankit Shastri is to praise god and express love and devotion towards almighty.

Bollywood Song

Ankit Shastri has given many unforgettable moments in the concerts and events held all over India.